December 27, 2012

They Complete Me

As she attended to him with maternal care and warmth, he unconsciously rested his head on her lap and emoted a sense of satisfaction. She silently whispered, "I don't know what I would do without them".

December 25, 2012

Dancing our way to Freedom - Tribute to Rape Victims

This is an outcome of unimaginable anger, sadness, helplessness and shock that took control of me after the Delhi rape incident. I desperately wanted to give a ray of hope to every woman on this earth, who has been a victim of the animal men, who has been at the receiving end during such situations and those who have given up hopes of a life sans fear and darkness.

Nimmy Joshi and Aparna Ajayan  beautifully gave me what I asked for. My demands were few but not really happy ones though. 
  1. To shoot at dawn.
  2. To be dressed in white from top to toe
  3. To have a scrubbed yet fresh look
  4. To let their tresses kiss the air. 
  5. To dance in their own comfortable way of breaking free with absolutely no worry or consciousness of the surroundings.

They gave me all of it. Naturally I was thrilled. We did it. Now my soul shall rest in peace.

          There is ALWAYS LIGHT. There is ALWAYS HOPE. And we shall continue to BREAK FREE.


November 10, 2012

POP-AN-INDO - A 'Fashionable' Photoshoot


Sneha Aditya has been 'under the wraps' in my life for almost 7 years. Our acquaintance goes back to our 11th and 12th std (junior college days) where we used to go to drawing classes for our respective fields (architecture and fashion designing). Though attending the classes for almost 2 years did not make any differences in our drawing, we had our share of impromptu crazy moments. She moved to Pune to study fashion. I attended college in Mumbai itself. We lost touch. After 4 years of completing her B.Design in Symbiosis, she came back home to start her own line POP-AN-INDO after interning and working under a couple of fashion designers. Suddenly we found that we struck a chord. We started hanging out often by default and found comfort in each others company. I understood her world and she reciprocated perfectly. All these happened in a matter of few days. We kept in touch even after I shifted to Bangalore. And now that I am in Mumbai for Diwali, I grabbed the chance to help her out in my own way. My ever supportive besties, Shruti and Swati agreed to model for me without a second thought. We ended up having a symbiotic pleasure out of the photoshoot. I really wish Sneha a grand success in her career, worthy of starting her own line at such a young age. 


P.S: I now have an FB PAGE and a TWITTER A/C that goes by my Brand name LIGHT WEDS SHADOW.

October 28, 2012

'The' Bond

That moment which both look forward to at the end of the day.

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