February 28, 2012

I caught you red Handed!

FOOTNOTE: She seems to be joyfully saying, "There! I caught you in the act!"
                       I captured her while traveling in train. The window seat  ride is such a thrill.

LIGHT SOURCE: Natural light flooding from the window. 

February 26, 2012

February 24, 2012

February 21, 2012

the ULTIMATE Truth

I lust the idol. 
I worship his purpose.
I fear his destruction.

FOOTNOTE: I wish you all a belated MAHA-SHIVARATHRI. (It was on 20th Febraury)

February 11, 2012


DAY OF VISIT: 09.02.2012, 6.00 PM-10.00 PM
After PART 1 series that covered the art installations, this series shall speak about the performances and the way people interact with the space and other people that I found very interesting and peculiar.



Valentine's day is around the corner (to be precise, in 3 days) and this lovely couple seemed to celebrate it already.


DAY OF VISIT: 09.02.2012, 6.00 PM-10.00 PM

In my 7 years of life in Mumbai, never have I made it to the most celebrated festival of the city KALAGHODA FESTIVAL until the 9th of this month. KALAGHODA FESTIVAL is so called because its held in the place called KALAGHODA ( literally translates to a 'black horse'), which got its name because it housed the majestic black horses during the British rule in India. The festival celebrates the bustling 'Art and Culture' of Mumbai in a very lavish and extravagant way for 2 weeks every year. With my days packed with internship and an eternal struggle with my thesis, I never thought I would get to attend the festival. Somehow, destiny stepped in and stimulated the 'spontaneous' avatar in me which I had put to sleep for a while. I 'informed' my mom that I would be at the festival for at least a few hours and make the most of it. before she could react with open mouth and a fierce frown, I picked up my equipments and rushed out my home. 

I strongly believe that I could have clicked more 'candids' and 'events'. But as time was a constraint, these are he few significant captures I managed. As the title reads, this 'part 1' which is about the installations there. I shall very soon publish the 2nd part too.

A maze was formed with the use of disposed plastic water bottles as the partition.

A conceptual tensile roof was created which attracted a large number of people for its flexible and abstract nature. I clicked this in order to show how much it has an impact on the 'skyline' of the place.

LEFT: An installation promoting 'NO SMOKING' cause.
RIGHT: Disposed plastic bottles were again used in a different way as mini chandeliers hung from the banyan trees.

Handmade puppets and a few other dolls appeared to be straight from the 'Harappan civilisation'.

these adorable birds are made out of disposed aerated plastic packets. Most of them had 'lays' and other popular chips production companies' names on them.

This installation needs to be taken very seriously by Mumbai. As its evident here, it promotes anti-noise pollution.

This is an attempt to manifest the famous 'cutting chai' (half glass of tea is served in this very glass) culture of Mumbai.

February 8, 2012

WAKE UP my beauties!

To thee I bow,
to thou glow,
For you have the power
that I see in altars never
To thee  I bow,
to thou glow.

FOOTNOTE: This is how the sun wakes me up every morning at 8 am! I get exactly this view from my kitchen window.


February 5, 2012

AYN RAND's protagonist

FOOTNOTE:  Ever since the day I laid my eyes on THE FOUNTAINHEAD, I have a significant part of every character in me. This can be seen as part 2 of the The UNSPOKEN words.

LIGHT SOURCE:  Point source from book reading light.

DEVICE: Sony digi-cam.

February 1, 2012

Its NEVER too late

When vision gets blurred and speech gets slurred
Silence and books become your 'only' patient recipients.

LIGHT CONDITIONS: Natural light flooded from the French windows.

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