October 25, 2011

The tale of a TEAR

FOOT NOTE: I thank my cousin Ashwin for such a stunning yet natural stages of emotions he brought out.
His tears are real. He is an excellent and passionate actor. Today he has proved it. Thank You for trusting my talent and letting me use you for my passion.

LIGHT SOURCE: Torch light using NOKIA E 63

October 23, 2011

A stream of PAIN...

Take it...It is the most honest possession at the moment I can offer...

LIGHT SOURCE: My very own laptop.

October 20, 2011

INDIA-The FLAVOR captured

I have stealthily captured the TRUE FLAVORS of India. I shall be uploading them in parts 
as and when I click. 
For now, this is what I have in store for you all.

The TESTING times

How can I break free...

LIGHT SOURCE: Natural light flooding from the window.

October 18, 2011


....and the moon is smitten by her glow...

LIGHT SOURCE:  As said already, moon light. 

October 17, 2011

A WOMAN in the making...

As the shimmering rays awaken her in slow pace,
a smile adorns her delicate face...
oblivious of the events of her past night
and what she brought home before twilight.


As her eyes carefully open,
 reality stabs her like a weapon.

"Oh sweet Lord...I cant feel him besides me...
He is gone...just like that...
without a word...without a promise..."


"The moment I kissed you,
you knew I had lost myself to you...
As I lead you nervously to my place,
you followed me like a faithful dog...
I doubted my moves but I believed yours...
I believed that each one of it spoke 
something deep..."


"And now you desert me, just when i realized love...
But I am not going to let that shatter me.
You chose timidity to escape and cut loose,
But I shall find the right way 
to drive away these blues..."


FOOT NOTE: The different tints I have given are to add an extra touch of desired mood to each of the 
LIGHT SOURCE: Tube light of 40W

October 16, 2011


Happiness blossoms from within blooming her face....

LIGHT SOURCE: Tubelight of 40 Watts.


MOMENTS...They never succumb to time.
They can hit you and affect you anytime.

FOOT NOTE: A Candid capture of my friend who seemed to be lost in her own thought.
LIGHT SOURCE: Natural light flooding from the window. 


FOOT NOTE: Clicked it as a pillion rider. 

October 15, 2011


The trees open up to let the sky wash the humid earth with its light.


The inviting bright world, the soothing cool enclosure
and the 'soul' trapped somewhere in between....

FOOT NOTE: Clicked with SONY digi-cam.
                        The theme was choreographed keeping in mind, how a trapped and dark feeling can make you  
                        irresponsive to the 'obvious' and 'inviting' bright outside world.
LIGHT SOURCE: Natural light flooding from the window.

October 14, 2011

THERE she is !

OH!...You found me...

LIGHT SOURCE: Natural light.

Mother & Child

The only happiness we knew at this tender age was a glimpse of our mother's face...

FOOT NOTE : Candid click while travelling in train
LIGHT SOURCE: Natural light has been utilised to its fullest. 

October 13, 2011


Her face glows while her eyes contemplate.

FOOTNOTE: This was captured with my HP Webcam from laptop.
LIGHT SOURCE: Natural sunlight flooding from the window.

The UNSPOKEN words...

Her words could not be spoken, nor could they be digested
They were meant to rule your mind...
It is a Braille code to us blind with gifted vision
The light and the darkness engulf us into her world...

FOOT NOTE : This capture is a page from ATLAS SHRUGGED, a legendary novel by AYN RAND.
                         Her concepts are extremely profound. They speak about the dark and real side of life and  
                         how 'being oneself' till the end is such an 'ugly fight' in this world. 
ABOUT : This is a self-potrait of my hand on her book. 
                 The light source is a book reading point light.


The way the flower has presented itself was lovely.

                       Captured at my cousin sister's mini home garden 

October 11, 2011


As they say, its all about how you perceive...

To me a rolled yoga mat was enough to get philosophical.

Naturally MOSAIC...

Looks like the after effects of a humongous brush was dipped and retrieved from algae rich pool of water.

The unmatchable HUES of nature

The day the sky breathed vermilion  

Worries UNKNOWN...

A world full of surprises, unanswerable questions and some serious whims...

The twinkle in their eyes speak different emotions...

RAIN and its after effects...

This was shot from outside my window to haven.

The heavenly SHOWERS...

Nature accentuates nature.

October 10, 2011

HIS distant dream of HER...

Oh Woman! Is that you? Come closer to me...
Your silence kills me!
Say something...anything!

OH NO...You cant be real...
You are a distant dream...and you remain that way...

LIGHT CONDITIONS : Natural light.
SET : This is my reflection on my laptop LED screen.
          Windows 7 theme gives the natural blue tinge.
          The fuzzy window behind is a reflection too.

The OTHER SIDE of the story

The simple cane woven furniture looks exhilarated by the kiss of the setting sun rays...

WATER emotes with LIGHT

I have played with the shutter speed in order to capture water in 2 different moods under the same intense lighting. From the below results obtained, my heart told me I understand the language of light and photography.

A change in the angle and position of the capture can cause a tremendous change in the subject. Only in the above picture, the water looks like molten gold pouring in pitch darkness, overpowering the glow of the moon far above.

October 9, 2011

When the SKY kissed the EARTH...

As we lament about the foggy future of our lives, nature teaches us
 how even fogginess can be blissful...


Her early morning warmth is far superior than that of the rising Sun...

Droplet with a silver lining

The growing rainwater droplet is lined with a silver line by the natural light
Such is its greatness...

NAVARATRI - When the DOLLS come ALIVE...


The 8 forms of wealth according to the VEDAS
The Ashta Lakshmi are all depicted seated on a lotus.
Adi Lakshmi (The primal mother goddess)
Dhanalakshmi (One who showers wealth)
Dhanyalakshmi (Food – one who eliminates hunger)
Gajalakshmi (Power and Strength)
Santan Lakshmi (Children)
Veera Lakshmi (Courage and Strength)
Vijaya Lakshmi (Victory)
Vidya Lakshmi (Wisdom and knowledge)

I found the maid well sculpted than the RAJA himself.

A typical scene of a DARBAR (court)

The subjects pouring out their problems to the RAJA

The Courtier of the kingdom

A typical South Indian form of wedding

Sri Jayendra Saraswathi swamigal (extreme left), Sri Mahaperiyava (centre) and Sri Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal (to the former's right) flanked by the musicians as they welcome them
 by playing the South Indian percussion instruments.

An austere Rishi performing pooja to the Goddess Durga.

The most well known God of Hinduism Lord Balaji and his wife Goddess Alamelumanga of the great
 Tirupati temple.

.................and the ULTIMATUM...............


FOOT NOTE : We could not celebrate Navaratri this year due to the demise of my grandfather 3 months ago. These pictures are clicked at a friend's place in our colony. I congratulate Mrs. Lalitha Gurumoorthy and thank her for providing me with such an opportunity. I also thank her for her co-operation in obeying my requests of holding the light source in various positions and angles without which I couldn't have achieved any of the above.

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