January 26, 2012

The COMPLETE relationship

All those 'entities' any relationship should encompass... 

January 22, 2012

Festive PUNE - Set 1


The trip was planned by my mother in a very short notice. It was a perfect surprise visit. Mother wanted to cover almost all the holy places in the city and charted out a tight plan. As always, I trusted my 'instinct', my 'eye for detail's and my 'obsession' in connecting with a city, as I got into the car with my parents. The trip lasted for less than a day. Yet, I somehow ended up clicking nearly 450 photographs of very interesting and 'irrevocable' scenes of the city. Let me warn you in advance that this only 'one' of the faces of this city.
I shall be uploading the pictures in parts for both of us to enjoy the images better.This set emphasises on the street life of the city.

Have a great stay here and catch the 'whiff' of Pune.

A buffalo is decked up and given a re-vamp as a part of custom followed during the most famous festival of India, viz. Diwali.

Some Sanskrit texts are written and etched on its hairy skin. Its horns are coloured 'saffron' plausibly because it is the colour of sacrifice.

The organic 'squares' outside the temple inevitably form the 'spill out' space or 'interaction' space for the city dwellers.

One of the many interesting faces I have come across in my life. His deep eyes unsettled me.
CAPTURED AT:  Dhagudu Sheth Ganapati temple

The 'shlokas' are painted on the walls of the temple. In earlier days,, such holy texts were 'engraved' on the 'masonry' facades of the temples.
CAPTURED AT:  Dhagudu Sheth Ganapati temple

 The queue system like in any other huge temple works efficiently here too. Those huge decorated bells are for the occasion of Diwali.

Lord Dagadusheth Ganapati himself sits there giving darshan to people inside the temple and outside, thanks to the glass facade.

An old man tries to get a glimpse of the Lord from the street.
CAPTURED AT:  Dhagudu Sheth Ganapati temple

A lady offers auspicious flowers to the Lord.
CAPTURED AT:  Dhagudu Sheth Ganapati temple

He smears the holy ash on a devotee.
CAPTURED AT:  Dhagudu Sheth Ganapati temple

CAPTURED AT:  Dhagudu Sheth Ganapati temple

Engrossed in his own wealth.

I was fascinated by this lady's 'balancing act'!

January 19, 2012

The MIGHTY pigeon

Judging the book by its cover
Might end you up arrested under power

January 11, 2012

The LINES speak his LIFE

Those lines of constant worries or surprises??? 
You never know...

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