I am constantly inspired by a plethora of photographers and artists from different fields. This is the only way I progress and evolve.

The below listed sites are a must visit.

CAPTAIN SURESH SHARMA -Wildlife photography (amazing tutorials on flash photography)

TAMPA BAND PHOTOS - Music/Band photography

BE ON THE ROAD - Travel and Living photography

MUMBAI PAUSED - Street Photography and Documentation of Mumbai city

STEVE McCURRY - A master of light, candid and composition.

ARATI KUMAR - RAO - Environmental Biographer and Photographer 


Tampa Band Photos said...

Honored to be listed as an inspiration for such a talented artist! :D

Sankara Subramanian C said...

Thank you Akila for the honour. Am flattered.

You are great too!

Gopal M S said...

I'm in Great Company :)))))) Vanakkam. Thanks!

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