July 22, 2012

PONDICHERRY re-visited


It was a plan; a plan that was planned almost 8 months before it was executed. Apeetha, the one with whom I converse through silences, has been that one friend with whom I have always wanted to escape to some far away place. Everytime I visited Chennai, we would hope we would make it. But sadly, our plans seemed to be destined to remain as a distant dream. Just as we were about to give up on each other, a sudden sense of wanting took control of us and we decided to make it happen, no matter what comes our way. A night-over at her place charged us with nostalgia and we cherished each memory until our senses started wearing out. We decided to let the trip to Pondicherry complete our unfinished business (gossiping- what else?!) The reality of the trip happening did not sink into us until we got into a bus that took us to our soul city. This trip is special to me because of our togetherness, our promise, our friendship and our unexplainable love for each others silent company.

The bus stop from which you get the bus to Pondicherry is served with water for public, an act of concern by Ms.Jayalalitha (present Chief Minister of Tamilnadu).

Someone should tell this mother-daughter duo that I am no alien.

This is definitely one of the cutest gestures I have come across! Anklets for the elephant!

Lakshmi, the holy elephant.

The text (in tamizh) translates to 'Shiva Shiva. Lord Shiva is one of the trinities of Hinduism.

Damn it! He spotted me!
Receiving blessings from her.
A beautiful detail.

Statue of the great Tamizh poet Bharathiyaar stands tall besides Bharathi park, named after him.

Both sat together simultaneously.

Bleeding sculpture?

Lazy afternoon for all

There she is, my darling Api.

Just could not get enough of her pure beauty!

Look who is with her!
FOOTNOTE: In case you missed my previous visit to Pondicherry, you can enjoy them right HERE.


magiceye said...

Brilliant candid captures!

Beautifully composed!

Ruchita said...

Awesome clicks!!!!

Love the anklet picture

Ruchita said...

Awesome clicks!!!!

Love the anklet picture

Priya Joyce said...

wow!! tat seemed so very understandable to ppl who dunno much abt photography...

loved the little thngs and those anklets :D cute ....
a bunch of amazing photographs...

amasc aka Anne said...

There are so many great images here, I was particularly taken by the thumb up guy who caught you clicking. What really comes through is your sense of joy in your surroundings. Thanks for posting these, I'll look out for further views through your lens.


@MAGIC EYE : :) Thank you!

@RUCHITA @PRIYA- Welcome to my den girls :) Do look forward to more of my escapades :) Thank you for your cute comments!

@ANNE : That was a very lovely thing you said. I cant help but be ever happy! And that portrays in my captures I guess! :) I welcome you to my den too :)Keep visiting!

rupam sarma said...

Beautiful photos.

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