September 12, 2014

Do Not Do The Silent prayer YET!

I wasn't dead. NOT YET. I was in hibernation (not really a conscious decision. I just got caught up with my numerous interests). I have opened my blog many a time, just to test if it still existed. It still looked great to me. I really thought I would find it all boring now. But I must say, my blog did not let me give up! When I saw that my last post was dated 13 Feb 13, it really did give me the chills. I felt extinct. But as I said, I did not give up. So here are a few updates about me while I was away from you all.

I have shifted to Chennai. 
I am back to living with my parents *shudder*
I was venturing into architecture, photography and music (Indian classical; to be more specific Carnatic) and was lost; in a good way.
I finally got my act together and decided to pursue photography as mainstream, while the other two can always be around me to make me feel very ambi-dextrous. 
I have been getting quite a few interesting projects, which I shall post here one by one without spamming your inboxes.
I missed the blogosphere. I almost forgot what it is to blog. It really is something. Oh I also missed your ego boosting comments. Damn.
My website and visiting cards are under construction.

Thats it for now! Do look forward to some tasteful posts. I assure you they are yummy. 

P.S: Please let me know I was missed via your esteemed comments (do not mind my heights of desperation).


Brajmohan Kumar said...

Welcome back Akila. :-)
Yes, you were missed here, on blog. And yes, I was well aware of your interests other than photography through the photos you posted on instagram.
Cheers :)


Hi Braj!
Thats really nice of you to be knowing what I was upto all these days! :D
You made my day with your comment! It is very valued! :D

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