October 9, 2011


My personal favorite is the B/W version. But I couldn't resist uploading the original version too for humongous difference in the overall mood of the picture.

Waiting to know which one affected you more.


Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...

I loved all the pictures and so much that am commenting again.. I love B&W photography more and hence my choice wld naturally incline towards the B&W here but I do like the original version too.. Your pics tel a lot.. Am amazed by the way each frame you ve shot.. I seriously wanna try those angles too.. The detailing about the subject makes it simpler.. Also.. A suggestion... Do add more tech details abt the click like the camera type.. Mode n the settings.. Wld help... Nice blog and lovely pics..!!! :):)


@superrnickkk !!! WOAH! That was quick! :D

Sure thing frd! will update technical details in alll my posts soon
Please keep visiting and etch your foot prints everywhere :)

Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...

Actually I was surfing and commenting on your blog while you were reading mine but heck why push away a compliment.. Oh yeah.. I am a superhero (if you haven't noticed..) lighting fast is the normal way of life.. Hehehehehehe :p

n do visit n etch my foot prints..?? Wel girl.. You knw like they say.. Beware wat u wish for.. They might come true.. :) first when i am my system is to add your photoblog.. I will be visiting often now.. :)

P.S. : Saturday is photo blog day at my blog.. Dnt miss that even if u miss out on the posts.. Wld b nice ve some critical feedback as well :)


the more often you visit, the more will my blog encourage you! ou can bet on it! :)

YESSIR! I have added your blog to 'to-definitely-do on Saturday list' of mine :D

Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...

Cool then.. That's a deal.. A word of advice.. Keep the expectations low.. That way.. You wat be disappointed if its not good. Btw.. :) am still to get a knack on the aperture n shutter speed things.. I ve a basic cam but i did screw up the settings.. But your pics did give me some ideas on visualizing things.. :):)

P.S. : can u remove the word verification thing..?? If u dnt mind... Its irritatin to to prove am a human everytim I ve something to say..!!


@superman : Low expectations never work dude..SO U higher ur quality of work instead! ;) Trust me.I wont be rude. I would just be blatantly honest! :P

Camera is just ONE of the many fragments of the art. Its just a device. Your eyes and mind need to connect for a good photograph. And I am glad my work speaks enough to inspire you :)

P.S: Poda! (jaa-bey in tamil) :D

Superrrnickkk...!!!! said...

Well.. Stick to one name plz.. Superman is already a rival in the superhero business.. So.. That's a no.. Plus he wears his undies out.. So a big NO.. :D:p

true that on camera point but the way you say.. My eyes HAVE captured Fun-taastic images.. But I can't show 'em around.. Unless you ve a cam that can see what you see.. I dnt think it helps.. However yup.. One needs to learn to see too

P.S. : am actually honest abt that word captcha thingy.. Its like everytime I am typing a comment it pops up n i ve to key in the right words.. Its almost like breaking a bank safe..

P.P.S : Nee poodee ( malayali roots.. Can manage Tamil as well :p )

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