October 9, 2011

NAVARATRI - When the DOLLS come ALIVE...


The 8 forms of wealth according to the VEDAS
The Ashta Lakshmi are all depicted seated on a lotus.
Adi Lakshmi (The primal mother goddess)
Dhanalakshmi (One who showers wealth)
Dhanyalakshmi (Food – one who eliminates hunger)
Gajalakshmi (Power and Strength)
Santan Lakshmi (Children)
Veera Lakshmi (Courage and Strength)
Vijaya Lakshmi (Victory)
Vidya Lakshmi (Wisdom and knowledge)

I found the maid well sculpted than the RAJA himself.

A typical scene of a DARBAR (court)

The subjects pouring out their problems to the RAJA

The Courtier of the kingdom

A typical South Indian form of wedding

Sri Jayendra Saraswathi swamigal (extreme left), Sri Mahaperiyava (centre) and Sri Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal (to the former's right) flanked by the musicians as they welcome them
 by playing the South Indian percussion instruments.

An austere Rishi performing pooja to the Goddess Durga.

The most well known God of Hinduism Lord Balaji and his wife Goddess Alamelumanga of the great
 Tirupati temple.

.................and the ULTIMATUM...............


FOOT NOTE : We could not celebrate Navaratri this year due to the demise of my grandfather 3 months ago. These pictures are clicked at a friend's place in our colony. I congratulate Mrs. Lalitha Gurumoorthy and thank her for providing me with such an opportunity. I also thank her for her co-operation in obeying my requests of holding the light source in various positions and angles without which I couldn't have achieved any of the above.


Apeetha said...

it's beautiful Akila. I miss Navarathri! :(


@apee : thank you milady! I missed it at my home too.. :(

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